Sparkling Coffee

Refreshes instantly! This brand new hit is quickly gaining popularity since its conception at our coffee lab. This coffee drink perfectly combines espresso with… yes, proper sparkling lemonade! The result is stunningly refreshing!

Aero Cappuccino

Aero Cappuccino combines light creamy milk foam with double espresso. Conceived in our Lab on a quest to find a refreshing coffee recipe for a hot day while maintaining classical rich coffee taste balanced with cold milk.

Orange Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a very subtle way to brew delicate iced black coffee. You just need two things: properly (freshly!) roasted coffee and cold water. After hours of natural extraction You get the thing. And then we took it one step forward - we’ve made Cold Brew coffee with an orange twist! People say it’s amazing - come on in and try it yourself.

Our Coffee

All our coffees are made from specialty coffee beans, roasted locally at our own Roastery. We love to discover the best coffees in the world, that’s why we’re frequent guests at coffee plantations, World of Coffee events and local coffee community gatherings.

Want to join our team?

Join our barista team! This is a great opportunity to master your coffee skills and learn to rule an espresso machine as well as to learn all the secrets of the slow bar. We’re constantly looking for new team members, so please send your CV with a photo and a short motivational letter.

Wanna give it a shot?